“We have boldly invested in the management system (ERP) and infrastructure to create the foundation stone of sustainable development in the future, which assists us in meeting strict requirements of the current market.”

 Factories and warehouses:

Besides offices, the company currently has two factories in the North and the South of the country (Hanoi and Long An plant with the capacity of 200 tons and 300 tons per year respectively) and warehousing systems used for production and storage.

 Laboratory equipment:

Water analyzer, pH meter, conductivity meter, total dissolved solids meter (TDS), magnetic mixer, battery tester and other equipment used for testing and analysis of indicators of water.

 Actual survey instruments:

Ultrasound scanner, endoscopy machine, winding machine, pH meter, total dissolved solids meter (TDS), pH pen tester, etc. used to identify the current status of customers’ systems, thereby providing timely solutions upon their requests.

Customer care center:

Customer care centers situated in big cities such as Ha Noi, Quang Ngai and Ho Chi Minh City are always available to deal with customer requests in the shortest possible time.

 Implementing the ERP system:

Implementing the ERP system helps to balance production, distribution, finance and other business activities of the company. By doing this, it would cut costs, improve management efficiency and maximize employee productivity to create added value for customers.