“Following the success after 15 years of development, Long Truong Vu is going to embark on a new journey with opportunities and challenges to become LTV Group with an IPO plan by 2022. It helps us mobilize resources, expand our market, maximize potential benefits and get ready for accomplishing the targets of becoming the No.1 Group in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general in terms of environment and energy by 2030.”


In order to reach the goal of becoming the most prestigious business corporation specializing in the field of environment and energy in Southeast Asia by 2022, we are focusing on creating leverages based on our business activities such as anti-corrosion solutions and cleaning boilers and industrial refrigeration systems.

  • Focus on organizational customers who have high demands for product and service quality.
  • Diversify product lines related to environment and energy.
  • Be present in the market of Southeast Asian nations through franchise activities and distribution systems.
  • Develop agency channels.
  • Systematize all the work procedures.
  • Apply information technology to manage and develop businesses (ERP).
  • Invest in infrastructure and equipment in support of research and development activities.
  • Cooperate with partners and target customers to create a supply chain.
  • Develop and train human resources, mainly research and development staff (R&D) and sales teams. 
  • Draw up policies and mechanisms to attract and foster geniuses.
  • Create a democratic workplace to give employees opportunities to showcase their talents and fulfil their aspirations.
  • Attract capital investment and high-quality human resources through multi-ownership (Enterprise equitization).
  • Make an investment in businesses in the environmental and energy sector.
  • Comply with legal rules and regulations, ethical standards in the workplace and responsibilities towards community and society.


The impact of Long Truong Vu on sustainable development

The stable growth in sales and profits has helped us fulfil tax obligations and had a positive impact on social issues such as developing high-quality human resources, creating jobs, ensuring stable income for workers and supporting the community with charitable and sponsored activities. 

Besides, our company always propose practical solutions to keep the environmental impacts to a minimum, remind employees to consume energy in the right place at the right time. We also launch tree-planting campaigns and apply science and technology to adjust the amount of energy consumed at factories and transportation.

Build strong working relationships with stakeholders

 For customers
  • Measure the values of products and services and reputation marketing based on customers’ trust and satisfaction;
  • Provide products suitable for every customer;
  • Demonstrate cooperative spirit and express appreciation to customers through training in infrastructure management processes, equipment operation and management system.

 For partners
  • Meet commitments with partners
  • Implement business principles with fairness, integrity, and mutual benefits
  • Build cooperation mechanisms without taking advantage of partners.
 For state agencies
  • Strictly obey laws and regulations on tax, environmental protection, labour safety and firefighting and prevention.
  • Follow government policies in each stage of development.
 For workers
  • Awareness is an integral part of developing a business;
  • Issue preferential policies and benefits for employees;
  • Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate employee productivity and efficiency in a fair manner;
  • Continually research, enact and reform salary, bonus and allowance policies to suit the current situation of the company and to recognize employees’ effort, dedication and competence.