We understand that manufacturing safety which is a matter of concern for businesses, is our first priority. This is a critical aspect of ensuring safety and health for workers and the smooth operation of factory equipment and technological lines. Therefore, in order to help businesses cut down the cost of maintenance, increase production efficiency and maintain sustainable development, we always follow the highest safety standards:

  • Comply with labour safety regulations
  • Make sure employees are regularly trained on how to do their work safely and prevent accidents
  • Invest in equipment
  • Implement safety control procedures
  • Prepare backup plans to deal with unpredictable situations.


We give special attention to staff development because they are an essential part of sustainability.

Every year, thanks to the support from Malaysian experts, we frequently organize programs for training expertise. Experience sharing sessions and performance improvement plans are also conducted every week through presentations and reports. We also cooperate with partners and suppliers to organize technical training events to sharpen professional skills for technicians.

We focus on not only organizing technical training programs but also identifying employees with leadership potential for succession planning.