In 2002, Long Truong Vu was officially founded as a result of the profound awareness that management and controlling process plays a vital role in manufacturing and business operations. If done poorly, it will lead to an increase in the costs of production, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting. Even worse, we have to pay for the health and safety of the staff. Our 15-year operation is a journey towards helping enterprises improve production efficiency, maintaining sustainable development and contributing to the progress of society and community.

Based on the operational orientation in the field of industrial water treatment, anti-corrosion and boiler cleaning system, the cooling system is considered the right decision suitable for the general direction of the market and customers’ demands. Long Truong Vu has built trust with the world’s largest corporations, namely CP Group (Thailand), Deheus Corp. (The Netherlands), CJ Vina (Korea), Colgate (USA), Newtoyo (Singapore, Sofitel Hotel (France), INTERCONTINENTAL Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel (USA) and so on. This has helped prove our prestige, quality and brand equity.

Until now, Long Truong Vu Co.Ltd has developed branches, factories, and customer service centers from North to South of the country fully equipped with modern automated machines upon ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. We have also been starting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to improve management efficiency to meet strict customer demands in time. This is one of the key factors which helps us become customers’ first choice regarding water treatment solutions.

Thanks to modern facilities, a team of engineers, architects and technicians with in-depth knowledge, long and rich experience and enthusiasm and technical support from Malaysian experts with over 30 years of experience. Long Truong Vu is entirely confident to bring optimal solutions to businesses, and we are gradually “Creating values – Building trust” to pave the way for future development.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Long Truong Vu Company, I would like to sincerely express my appreciation for your cooperation and wish you all every success.